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Stock Trading Academy offers training and notes for Professional Equity, Futures, Commodity, Forex, Energy, Investor and Futures Traders. Our courses and training also include Online Stock Trading. Futures Trading. Commodities Trading. Forex Trading. Power Trading forex time.

The trading company we are is formed by traders with a lot of experience who worked in companies like Merrill Lynch Barclay’s or an energy trading fund based in Houston. We’re extremely successful traders, and the people that choose to work for us are also extremely successful. Every day, we apply a variety of trading strategies and techniques that have proven to be successful.

The company will provide you with capital to help execute your trading ideas. It is up to you whether or not you want to conduct your own market research.


1. Follow rules with a high degree of accuracy

2. Learn quickly (you need to absorb strategies and filter data rapidly)

3. Communicate well (we are successful as our traders share ideas)

4. You must be patient


1. Managers determine the understanding level for each trader.

2. Trading professionals who meet the requirements above can make over $125k within their first calendar year.

What You Learn in This Course

Learn how to increase your trading profits by 100 percent in just one day.

The best way to determine your trading targets, entrys, and exits.

Some top professionals reveal their secrets to trading.

Secret management techniques can help you to maximize your trading profit.

Learn how to quickly and easily eliminate any market using our 1-2-1 system.

Some little-known tactics that professionals employ.

Learn our trading strategies, and then apply them yourself. For you to get started, one of our traders will be with you throughout market hours. They’ll guide you in making profitable trades. Before you trade, they will basically tell you if it is the right decision or not. It is because of these factors that our traders have been successful. Our expertise is available at all times. During the mark hours, you can join us and make real trading for many hours.