How to Restore a House Back to its Former Glory after Water Damage

Floods can happen anywhere due to a natural disaster or a burst pipe. Professionals are called in to fix the damage, regardless of what caused it. What does the term water restoration actually mean? Water restoration is a service which removes all water from the home and returns it to its original condition. It is important to restore a house quickly following Water Damage North Shore & Northern Beaches, as moisture and standing waters encourage the growth of bacteria and mold.

It is important to restore damage in Golden, and in other locations. This is because the exposure of damaged environments can cause illness and allergic reactions. Water cleanup is not an easy task. This does not only mean drying the visible water. Porous materials in the home can absorb water deeply below the surface. In some cases, fiberfill insulation, carpet and drywall may be completely destroyed, and will need to be removed. Even though porous materials appear to be dry, they can allow bacteria and mold to grow. This causes significant problems.

Water Restoration Process

It is important to begin the water restoration process as soon as possible, regardless of what caused the damage. The restoration process involves five steps, starting with the inspection and ending in the complete return of your home to its original state. Each step is important and helps to ensure that contaminants and water have been removed correctly.

Evaluation and Inspection

Companies that provide water damage restoration in Golden and other areas thoroughly evaluate the location of the damage and then classify the damage accordingly. Experts check for porosity in affected areas to determine the level of absorption of water. The moisture detectors determine the extent of damage, and estimate what work needs to be performed. Inspectors of water damage identify the origins of water and ensure that they have stopped. The inspector will also check the level of contamination in water. Restoration companies are able to estimate the time and cost of restoring a property after all the inspections.

Water Removal

Standing water is a major cause of mold, so it’s important to remove the water quickly. The use of extractors is used to remove surface water and standing moisture quickly, preventing further damage. Experts then inspect the level of moisture to determine whether carpet or hardwood flooring needs to be removed.

Dehumidification and Drying

Restoration companies begin the dehumidification and drying process after removing the water. For drying affected materials, industrial dehumidifiers are used. Even though some materials appear to be dry on the surface, they may still feel wet. Professionals will dry out and dehumidify affected areas. Experts in water remediation monitor moisture levels on walls and floors to determine if the house is dry.

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