Carbon Monoxide Detector Mounting

Carbon monoxide, or CO for short, is the silent killer. This deadly gas is too frequently present in homes. Carbon monoxide sensors are mounted in different places. While it might seem sensible to just plug your CO-detector into the nearest available power source, such as a wall socket on the floor, ground level will not be the right answer. Most home owners make the common mistake of choosing an inefficient and ineffective place to mount their carbon monoxide sensor. You can protect yourself and your family against CO poisoning by following these few easy steps. Find out how to choose the best co2 monitor in this site.

Due to its chemical composition, CO is a little lighter than the air. Therefore in an environment that’s stable and has little cross-breeze, CO will collect in closed rooms from top down. To avoid this, you should consider the height of your carbon monoxide alarm in relation to the ground. You should mount the carbon monoxide monitor on your ceiling in the same way you would do with a traditional smoke alarm.

Your CO detector should be mounted far away from any area of your home that is more humid. Moisture can interfere with most CO detectors. You should also mount your carbon monoxide alarm between 10 to 12 feet of any cooking or gas-powered appliances. The carbon monoxide detection mounted nearby may cause a false-positive alarm, and even wear out your detector. Another source of false alerts is garages. Laundry appliances and cars moving into and out are usually located here. Many garages become too cold in regions of the United States that are prone to prolonged temperatures below freezing.

In the case that one of your devices fails to alarm when CO reaches dangerous levels, installing more is recommended. It is a good idea to install one detector per floor of your house, including basements, or at least two in a home with only one level. Install carbon monoxide monitors in bedrooms, or other areas that you might sleep frequently. You want to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off.

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